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Can I try Teknatic Enterprise before I have to commit or pay?

YES, by signing up you are granted a free account for up to 3 users. No credit card information is required or collected. You can try any of the optional, paid subscriptions for free for 7 days from the date you start the trial.

Why do I need to specify a Company?

Most of our users are from companies or organizations and have multiple users who need to simultaneously access the organization's shared data.

Even if you do not belong to a Company, you may want to invite other users (colleagues, co-workers, clients) to share access. If you do not represent a company, feel free to use your name as the Company name.

How do I Sign Up to an existing Company?

You will need to ask your Company Administrator to invite you to join the Company's Account. An email invitation will be sent to you with instructions for completing the linked company Sign Up process.

How do I subscribe to a paid module or increase the number of users?

The initial Sign Up process does not require you to select the modules that you are subscribing to or the number of users that will be using Teknatic Enterprise. Once you complete the email verification process and Log In, you can use the secure Subscription Management feature to choose, and if applicable pay for, any additional products that you require. You may also select a free trial of any product.


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